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Go Snail Go!!



My friend pointed out this little snail hauling it across the pavement and it turned into a great macro image. As you can see I really love macro images and there are probably more to come. the detail it brings out is just amazing to me. 





These are some of the best people I know. Daniel G. and Evan D. They have been a huge part of my life and have given me everything from a ride to a laugh to some of the greatest advice and support I’ve gotten from friends, not to mention people i can dance in front of without them awkwardly staring instead they would just join in. Lastly these two are the happiest couple that I’ve ever seen and and wish them a long and happy relationship. Also this very rarely happens but I got this picture the first try and in my opinion it is perfect its almost like you can see the joy and love that is Daniel and Evan.