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Our House in the Middle of the Street


This is my house number that I’m proud to live in. There have been plenty of shenanigans from the climbing wall to the stump fire they all hold a special place in my heart. It makes me thankful for the friends and family that I have down here. I know one thing about this house I’m going to miss it dearly.



Play us out Cricket!


This is my other escape from reality my keyboard. I can sit and play for hours at a time. Its definitely a learning process but its a lot of fun. Also sorry for missing yesterday’s post I was swamped!




These are some of the best people I know. Daniel G. and Evan D. They have been a huge part of my life and have given me everything from a ride to a laugh to some of the greatest advice and support I’ve gotten from friends, not to mention people i can dance in front of without them awkwardly staring instead they would just join in. Lastly these two are the happiest couple that I’ve ever seen and and wish them a long and happy relationship. Also this very rarely happens but I got this picture the first try and in my opinion it is perfect its almost like you can see the joy and love that is Daniel and Evan.


Up close and… Weird.


Every now and then I see one of these alien looking flowers but I’ve never gotten a chance to take a picture of one and its even more beautiful the closer you get. It looks like some kind of ufo or something. Any info on the flower would be nice but other wise enjoy and continue to be creative out there!

Tomorrow is the big day!

Get out your Cameras folks and lets see what you can do! Remember the goals are simple:

1. Think about what you’d like to capture!

2. Put your own spin on the shot!

3. Capture it!

4. *Share with the group by linking it in a comment to any photo sharing website !(imgur or flickr for example)*

5. Make comments, suggestions, ask questions, be social, be nice, have fun!


*You don’t have to share but I’m sure everyone that decides to participate will love it*


 “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”

Scott Adams