What is this all about, Andrew?”

So to answer that question… every one of us has seen the “picture a day for however long challenge” and generally speaking its meant to stir creativity. But my question to you is: How in the world can a person be truly creative if they are being told what to make art of?” So my mission is to force myself and you, my viewers, to get the creative juices flowing.  So here’s the catch instead of sharing a list of objectives prior; I want you to go out each day; for at least one month, and take a picture of something new each day, and tell us about it.  I will be taking my pictures in a candid fashion as I go about this adventure. Hopefully some of you will feel inspired to pull out the camera and try this little experiment with me. The way I see it is if we have more people, we will have more ideas, and therefore more creativity its simple math. So, if you would like to join me just link me to your image and description in the comments; I’d love to see the beauty that will result from this!


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